Working remotely using SOAP

In light of the current novel and ambiguous situation, we at Unbox have sought to find answers to some of the most asked or thought of questions. In our recently conducted webinar on the 30th April 2020 ‘UnQuarantine your mind’, we spoke to Bala, the Ex-Managing Director of a Big 4 Audit firm who managed a 3000+ strong organization across management, risk, and technology, and is now a Business Advisor and Leadership Coach.

In the second blog, we talk about the second takeaway from the conversation with Bala.

With almost everyone being asked to work from home, people are trying to come to terms with the sudden disappearance of any distinctions between work and home. We conducted a poll and asked our participants what their biggest challenges while working remotely were. Around 34% said it was the lack of face to face interactions.

Bala recommends the best way to overcome the challenges of remote working as a manager/leader is to use SOAP.

  • Structured daily check-ins – Just because the team members are working from home does not mean they are available 24/7. Having a structured check-in routine ensures that privacy is not infringed upon and allows for team members to raise queries or concerns, should they have any.
  • Offer emotional support – not everyone is comfortable working remotely. It is paramount to lend a listening ear to their anxieties and concerns and try to reduce their stress. Not only acknowledging their stress but also providing words of positive affirmation go a long way in helping such team members.
  • Access code – rules for engagement. To ensure that the team members do not feel as though you are breathing down their neck or micromanaging them, the rules for engagement need to be set upfront. This makes remote working more efficient.
  • Platform for remote social interaction – Discussions and talks around the water cooler are absent owing to the physical isolation. Some organizations have measures in place for this – talking about anything but work on a Friday afternoon, dressing up goofily and exchanging stories, and other such activities that can emulate the physical interactions.

Wash away your remote working blues using SOAP!

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