"A 7 year long consulting engagement to pioneer a one-of-a-kind program that has today successfully trained and provided job-assistance for 26,000+ youth in India."
With the rapid population growth, India is facing an employability gap due to dropouts and the lower skilled manpower resources. The ever-increasing rate of unemployment has been one of the most disturbing problems faced by the country’s youth today. The age group between 18-25 unemployed, unskilled dropouts who are economically constrained often involve in crime. BOSCH India’s Corporate Social Responsibility team chose this as the target group for solving this wicked problem. This target group was termed as NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training)

The Big HMW Challenge
How Might We create a structured upskilling process to support the economically constrained dropout students who belong to NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training)in order to get an entry level white collared job?

Unbox Solution
Unbox learning consultants developed a unique program with the support of the Bosch’s CSR team named - BRIDGE (BOSCH’s Response to India’s Development and Growth through Employability Enhancement). BRIDGE is a unique short-term training program co-created by Unbox, that aims to make the targeted NEET young dropouts of India employable. The program is targeted towards the underprivileged and economically constrained youth (18 – 25 years ), who are 10th or 12th std dropouts and belong to the NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training) segment by creating over 200+ trained Bridge Certified Facilitators (BCF) across the country to conduct this program.

The highlights of this engagement were:
→ The course included the basic English-speaking module, basic computer understanding and customer service mindset
→ There was one facilitator assigned who could connect, motivate and guide the drop out students
→ BCF: Student ratio was 1: 25 to ensure one-on-one attention
→ A short 3-month program with a mandatory 15-day certified internship in an attempt to help the students learn on the job
→ Gamified methodologies CCDR Model was used by the BCF for imparting the learning
→ Industry relevant content customised the learning by the Unbox team
→ Industry experts were invited to deliver guest lectures and interact with the students
→ Placement support was provided at the end of the program

BRIDGE CERTIFIED FACILITATORS developed by 4 Unbox Master Facilitators
years long consulting engagement
Bridge Centers in 7 states

26,000+ youth in India were impacted by the program and most of them are first-generation employees to get into the formal organised sector.As of now there are 112 BRIDGE Centers operating in 7 states with a network of 100 Bridge certified facilitators on the field. Further, 3 state governments (Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan) have extended formal support to the program through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) signed with Bosch. As a result, 88 government I.T.I.s function as BRIDGE Centers.
To know more: https://www.bosch.in/our-company/our-responsibility/corporate-social-responsibility/bridge/