at work
Do you face any of these challenges?
Do business leaders struggle to empathise with colleagues and customers in an effective way?
Do leaders struggle to maintain control over their emotions?
Do leaders fail to build trust and create an emotionally “safe” environment for their teams?
Does performance suffer because leaders don’t give people the feedback they need to perform to their potential?

“As Ratan Tata righty puts it, to walk fast, walk alone. And to walk far, walk together. Considering others’ opinions and suggesting ours with constructive criticism can result in true bonds between people.
Let’s UNBOX it.”

The purpose of the Transactional Analysis Workshop is to increase the leaders' understanding of people – themselves and others. It uses the theory and methods of Transactional Analysis to explain why people behave as they do. It will also help the participants understand why some people 'communicate' the way they do, and why some people go around in circles but go nowhere. In addition, it will also help the leaders reflect on how to change what you want to change about their feelings, communications and behaviour, and relationships with other people, so that the leaders can expand their ‘people skills’. Unbox has innovatively crafted this program using time tested methodologies like Evaluation of Ego State Structures, 5 components of Emotional Intelligence, Drama Triangle, etc.

Helps leaders:
Conduct conversations that achieve the intended business goals by understanding personality and ego states.
Communicate and respond in ways that meet the unique personal needs of team members and others by understanding ‘transactions between people’.
Recognize and react to emotions (their own and others’) present in work situations.
Use a technique to provide meaningful, supportive feedback by adapting and changing using Transactional Analysis.