Do you face any of these challenges?
Do leaders lack behaviour and/or appearance that is professional?
Do leaders find it difficult to handle conflicts? ?
Are the teams unable to recognize one as a senior leader?
Do leaders lack trust and authencity with the team?

“If people like your personality, they will listen to you. But, if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. That’s personal branding.

Let’s UNBOX it.”

Today, personal branding is crucial, as not only does it show professionalism, integrity, ownership and confidence, but also personal branding converts a normal employee into a brand ambassador. Through this, you can imagine, in what way personal branding attracts opportunities. Taking this into consideration, Unbox, consulting with the experts in the field, has crafted Personal Branding program, which takes participants through the journey of learning using the Perception Gap Assessment, DYAD Exercises and Rapport Building Strategies, etc. This Personal Branding module by Unbox is inevitable for leaders in customer- centric roles.

Helps leaders:
Demonstrate authenticity even in difficult situations.
Do what’s right and treat people with respect.
Admit their own mistakes candidly and give credit to those who truly deserve.
Disclose by sharing their thoughts, feelings, and rationale, when appropriate.