DESIGN THINKING Intensive is one of our flagship programs at Unbox. It is a magical balance between Business and Art, that focuses on collaboration and creativity within the organization. revolutionizing the world of Business through user-centric outcomes that prove design thinking is the new golden standard that every organization runs on. There are five steps to the process: Discover, Define, Ideate, Experiment and Evolve – each of which is vital to identifying friction in the end-user experience. We consider the end-user to be the KING.

The idea of this engagement is to bring together unique perspectives from across the organization, mine the collective brainpower of the teams and extract the optimal solutions.

Design Thinking encourages individuals to put their best foot forward and for groups to put their heads together in an effort to innovate as a team. Design Thinking has become a way of life!!!
Design Thinking Showreel
The 5-step Process


You Discover+

I have a challenge.
How do I approach it?


You Define+

I learned something.
How do I interpret it?


You Ideate+

I have an idea.
How do I build it?


You Experiment+

I see an opportunity.
What do I create?


You Evolve+

I tried something.
How do I evolve it?

Design Thinking for Vision Building
Confederation of Indian Industry.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

30+ CEOs and Managing Directors of MNCs and MSMEs met at Hotel Lalit Ashok for a ‘Vision building program’ using Design Thinking. CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), approached Unbox to execute this interactive workshop in order to gain new insights and set a vision for CII. The program helped leaders gain a fresh outlook to the existing challenges. Various new perspectives emerged during the discussion which expedited the process of Brain Storming and Decision Making. The Design Thinking framework helped these leaders in streamlining the ideas to get many implementable solutions.

“A lot of new perspectives have come out and each member of the state council was deeply involved. The various tools presented were very interesting.” – Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo India