Do you face any of these challenges?
Does conflict between employees go unattended?
Are valuable managerial resources being expended to resolve the conflicts of individual performers?
Is conflict affecting the productivity or morale of teams and work groups?
Is conflict being addressed inappropriately or unproductively?

“Conflicts, instead of arguments, can be looked as brainstorming, disagreements, as innovating instead of denying, bettering the best. Conflicts can also bring together a great team.
Let’s UNBOX it.”

Business environment challenges professionals to increase productivity, improve quality, shorten cycle time, and reduce overheads. A natural byproduct of these challenges is conflict. While conflict can lead to discoveries such as new ideas and innovative breakthroughs, it can, if allowed to escalate, result in damage to critical working relationships. In the budding stages of conflicts, if they are converted into diversified opportunities, they, in turn lead to innovative solutions. Conflicts at workplace could lead to professionals being stressed, which adversely affects their professional and personal lives. Working professionals may have problems in sleeping, loss of appetite or overeating, headaches and thus become unapproachable. Unbox, after gaining expertise through rigorous research, development and deployment, has conceived and delivered many impactful workshops and modules to effectively manage conflicts, like ‘Agree to Disagree’, ‘Difficult Dialogues’, etc. These workshops are not just driven by time tested case studies , but also has interactive elements with action packed hands-on exercises, where participants transform their responses to conflicts.

Helps business executives:
Mitigate the damaging effects of workplace conflict on individuals, groups, and the organization.
Effectively address workplace conflict and enhance productivity, efficiency, and motivation.
Help team members take responsibility for resolving their own conflicts.
Promote a culture of trust and mutual respect within their work group.