Do you face any of these challenges?
Do individual contributors struggle to communicate with colleagues and customers in an effective way?
Is there a need for a higher level of trust? Greater cooperation? Stronger business relationships?
Is effective feedback lacking as an integral part of your culture?

“Communication is not just about voicing out. It should portray your mental picture, spread in the air, reach the audience, fill their hearts and souls and transform them. Effective communication is the real game -changer. Let’s UNBOX it.”

In a business context, understanding and connecting with your audience and preparing for their responses can take you a long way. Learning nonverbal communication techniques involving presence, body language, and delivery will help in structuring communications to adapt to different business situations. Communication is usually confined to ‘voicing out’. But it is a much more holistic skill. Unbox’s unique experiential learning program will ensure that the participating leaders will generate ideas for organizing, preparing, and delivering high-impact messages. In this hands-on workshop the leaders will be practicing the delivery of high-impact messages that are memorable and motivating.

Helps business executives:
Recognize the impact they can have on their success and the success of others by enhancing interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
Relate to colleagues and customers in a way that meet their personal needs while also accomplishing practical objectives.
Use a set of interaction process skills that enable them to conduct more successful discussions that achieve results.
Use a technique for providing specific, meaningful feedback that help people improve their performance.